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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Semakin Hari Semakin Dekat , Pelajar Makin Risau ( PMR )

Late Night Update :: PMR is cominggg !!! OMG ! hope i can do it. its very important for me to pass the test. kalau tidak lulus,, G.T. jadi milik orang lain. Tinggal dua minggu lagi baru PMR,, mataii~ tinggal dua minggu lagi ! 2lar,, padan dengan muka aku. tyme-II blum lagi mau PMR,, malas datang sklah. cikgu mengajar pun tidak tau. TOLOL ! tapi yang mampu aku buat adalah practice practice practice ! cause practice makes perfect. right kan ? eheh. and also,, gotta believe that you'll will pass. :) only two things you need to remember :: Practice & Believe in yourself. hurmmm,, its really tough when it comes to PMR. when i was in UPSR,, i didn't get scolded if i got no "A" cause its just the way it is. 0ya,, i'm still with him,, The Mr. Capital A. 0kayy,, thats enough. i'm totally sleepy rite now. mornyte readers. :)

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