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Thursday, 21 February 2013

hyeeeeee ~ miss my blog ! ≧^◡^≦

hey yaw ! its been so long that i never open my blog and never write anything . pity for my blog . alalala . macam failed english aku di sini . haha . okay okay . aku lama sudah tidak buka blog aku ni sebab aku lupa password . aku sudah tukar but aku lupa apa password aku tu . kili . == well , since aku sama capital A but right now i'm not calling him that . this is his nickname i create for him but its not me at first . its my boyfriend si CINA SANTUNG .  since the day me & SOB broke up , we .................. hurrmmmmmmm . okay , kami break pastu kami lost connection . and then , kami berhubung balik sebab hari tu aku pergi jumpa kawan . but i didn't espect that we will meet . so , i think he took my phone number time aku dalam toilet . duhh ~ i was such a stupid person and careless . stupid ! stupid ! stupid ! >_< okay , he still hoping that one day i'll come back in his life . but surely , i'm not coming back to him . i will not . dia tau pukul aku macam aku ni musuh dia . when i think about him , it makes me wanna cry as much as i can . well now , he got a new gf . he once said to me that he will never find another girl because he only loves me . only me . but thats not true . he finds another girl and congrats to him and his sweet sweet mouth . F * * K  Y O U  S L I C K E R ! hurmmmmmmmm . :'\ i do hate him . i've move on since i found he had a new gf . i deleted all songs that related to him . songs that will remind me of him . aku bersungguh - sungguh lupakan tenteng dia , kenangan2 kami dua . EVERYTHING . its hard but i try my best to forget about him . so i won't cry for him anymore . someday , he would crawl back to me and would want me to come back to him because his gf had do the same what i had did . haha . not a chance bro . its too late . i hate you since the day that i know you had a new one . i regret for knowing you SOB . may you have the greatest happiness . bless you . :'\

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